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October 4, 2018
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March 1, 2019
Completed a SEO and site optimisation project with Silverback Electric Inc. Basically, the project is to optimise the SEO of the website so that Google Search Console and Google My Business and all google services will work together. Part of the project is also to look into digital strategy for the business and how to plan towards growth. When we took over the project, Website grader gave a 65/100 in terms of SEO, after 2-3 weeks of tweaks and settings, we manage to increase it to around 89-95 (out of a 100) on Website grader.

The issue for the website is that, there are a couple of huge banner images that are uploaded to the website as GIF. These were like 2.5Mb huge and it’s slowing down the website’s loading everytime someone visits the site. Basically, we went through the site and optimised all the image assets on the website. There are other issues like there weren’t any Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business setup for the site. So we put all these in and then optimised the SEO Title, Meta Description and Focus Keywords. After all that, we made sure that the OG sharing images and OG description was setup and rescraped properly on various social media channels.

If you have a un-optimised website, talk to us, we can help you increase your site’s loading speed. Like they say “Time is money!”. A faster loading website with intentionally planned content will result in sales convergences.

Once again thanks Silverback Electric Inc. If you need commercial or residential electrical work done, do check them out and contact Silverback Electric! They are awesome!

The project was handed over to client on February 27, 2019 (with 3 hours of training included).

Visit their website and contact them at Visit my client's website:


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