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September 17, 2018
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February 27, 2019

Another website launched. This time it has a full e-commerce backend, Fully secured

The project was subcontracted to me via a Angeline Koh at Tyros.sg. She is working for the author of the book which owns the website. The project started off as a simple tweak of the paypal buttons, I am supposed to just change the PayPal code for the buttons. But as the project progressed, it is obvious that this is not going to solve the postage issues. Issues like: How do you know the buyer’s location and charge the appropriate postage rates based on the number of items ordered. It was obvious it has to be a e-commerce system with all the postage rates table programmed into the backend.

E-commerce was proposed and agreed to proceed with the client.

If you are not from Singapore, Polar Cafe is a household name. Polar Puffs & Cakes is a food manufacturer and operator of a confectionary chain best known for its curry puffs. Originally known as Polar Café, Hong Kong immigrant Chan Hinky began running the business from 1926.Polar Puffs & Cakes has more than 29 outlets as well as two manufacturing facilities in Singapore.

So………. the client is one of the daughters of Polar Café’s founder Chan Hinky. In her book, she tells her own Sweet Memories, Sweet Success story.

A daughter, teacher, unlikely entrepreneur…

A little technical aspects of this project

The system had all connections to Google my business, Google analytics, Google webmasters tools and all those backend and front end gizmos to make it easy to read. The most difficult aspects about the project was the actual programming of the postage rates of SingPost. For some reason, they do have a strange zone-based Air Parcel and Bulk postage rates.

Site was launched on October 4, 2018,



Visit my client's website: https://www.katecheah.com/


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