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June 22, 2018
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October 4, 2018

I first help Kassonbaptist setup their first WordPress website in early 2013.

The system had all connections to Google my business, Google analytics, Google webmasters tools and all those backend and front end gizmos to make a modern church website.

The objective of the church website is to disseminate information like schedule, major events like kids Summer programmes and Fall programmes like the A.R.K (always reaching kids).

Sometime in August 2018, the website was coded injected somewhere and an annoying online pharmacy (distributing Cailis, Viagra and all sorts of drugs is able to hog onto one of the pages of the website.

After a short discussion with the stake holders. It was decided to revamp the website.

This includes transferring the server from a server that can only offer PHP5.2 to a PHP7.x server.

All the data on the old server was backuped, downloaded.

When the new WordPress 4.9.x was setup on the new server with a SSL cert purchased, it was decided that the priority for the website was speed. The old premium BeTheme was dumped and a highspeed theme called Rife (Free) was used in conjuction with the Elementor page builder system.

The result is a very lighting fast website, which each page load less than 2 seconds. The theme is also mobile first and Websitegrader gave a grade of 95%.

The website was completed in record time of 48 hours days complete with connection Google and Bing services including Google my business.

a mobile screen shot of the new kassonbaptist.org website.     a desktop screen shot of the new kassonbaptist.org website.


Visit my client's website: https://kassonbaptist.org/


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