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April 14, 2018
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June 22, 2018

This project came about when the client’s website was hacked. It was a stock WordPress install and was no malware and anti-hacking protection. Even worse, the development company went under, the owner lost control of her hosting and cpanel and everything! There was no way to contact the developer. So the entire website has to be developed from scratch.

The good thing is that the client still has control of her Google services eg. Analytics, Recaptcha, Dropbox, Mailchimp.

We started off getting a hosting plan from a local hosting company based in Vancouver BC. However, after subscribing to their services, they informed me that their SSL certs can only be applied to websites hosted with them, not with another hosting company. Then there were even more surprises, they later informed me that the can only point domain name servers to websites registered with them. ie. I can’t register my domain name say with siteground.com and then point the namservers to this company’s webhost. What kind of hosting company is that?!

Anyway, I managed to get in touch with Siteground and repointed the nameservers in a record time of 4 hours! Thanks Siteground!

Anyway, this project is interesting as it covers from web development, email marketing, and a slew of backend stuff. This is the list:

  • WordPress Custom development
  • Mailchimp autoresponders and email newsletter signup
  • Google Analytics, Recatpcha, Google Maps API, Google Search console, Google My Business.
  • Structured data setup with Object Graph Protocol, Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Web Accessibility so that the website is machine readable for a disabled person.

My client is a Executive Speech Coach and she is a Amazon best selling book author.

Visit my client's website: https://www.executivespeak.com

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